Select tool:
-Press "Delete" to remove selected shapes
-Press "Ctrl + c" to copy selected shapes
-Press "Ctrl + v" to paste selected shapes
-Press "Ctrl + x" to group together selected shapes
-Use mouse wheel to Zoom in/out
-Press and Hold right mouse button to drag canvas.

Properties Menu:
Click on any shape on the scene, its properties will appear in "Properties Menu". A shape can be composed of 1 or more other shapes (shapes that group together with Ctrl+x). Above the first horizontal line in "Properties Menu" are properties who are global and applied to all grouped shapes. All other properties below the first horizontal line in "Properties Menu" controls individual shape's properties
Button and Gate :
A button can control gate(s). To control a specific gate you need to enable "Gate" effect on a shape from "effect window", then copy and paste the gate id into a button's gates list. You can specify on each gate wether it should appear or disappear on button press from "effect window".
Lever and Platform:
Like button a lever can control platform(s). To control a specific platform you need to enable "Platform" effect on a shape from "effect window", then copy and paste the platform id into a lever platforms list. On enabling platform effect a blue ball will appear who tells where a platform will move to. You can customize different properties of platform listed below:

Trip: sets how many times a platform have to move between start and end point before coming to rest. "1" means move from start to end and stop. "2" means move from start to end to star and stop. "0" is exception which means move infinity times between start and end point and never stop. If platform id has been added to any one of lever's platforms list then "trip" property will be avoided.

Speed : sets the moving speed, higher the value more the speed. Forexample setting 1 means the shape will move with a speed of 100 m/s. Setting speed in floating points like 0.05, 0.1, 0.5, 2.6, i.e. will grant you granular control over speed
Enable "Rotator" effect on a shape and then define its rotating speed. For +ve value it rotates counter-clockwise, for -ve it rotates clockwise
Save/Load level:
you can save/load level locally anytime to continue work on it later. It's better to save your level often while working on it as some unexpected conditions (bugs, browser crash etc...) can destroy your level
Making a simple level:
Above video defines the complete process from level making to it's publishing. In publishing form "Map Data" is the only required field, other fields are optional but it's good to have them
How to make a good level :
Anyone can make "a level" but not everyone can make "a good level". So here are some tips to make "a good level":
-Make poison to those things that actually looks harmful like spikes, lava, knife, nuclear waste etc...
-if you are using shapes as drawing then please tick "delete-physics" to improve the performance on server/client side
-Make sure that your level should be completed under 02:30 minutes.
-As you are making level for "Two Player Adventure" mode so you should add co-op element in your map.
-Define boundries around your level to prevent players to fall out of play area or place poision where there is chance of falling. By doing this you ensure that players will not keep falling forever.
-Design maps is way that every single brother(player) should be able to pass through obstacles to reach the gate. For example placing 2 buttons to right and left of gate will ensure that everyone can cross that section. Bad Example is that you place button only to left side of the gate and when all goes through it then the last brother standing on button get stucked.
-It's better to make level in which we need not more than 2 co-operations. Less people require for co-operation means the faster the level will be completed also if we have more than 2 players co-operation then maybe we not have more than 2 players in a room.
-Add checkpoints to those sections that are really very difficult to cross and require some tries.
-Try to use less button/levers/gates/platforms/rotator objects where possible because these objects transfer their state over the network so lesser means faster performance of your map.

Editor has some limitations:
-You can't copy/paste "Gate", "Platform", "Door", "Spawn", "Handle" (blue ball comes with Platform).
-You can't delete "Spawn", "Door".
-You can't merge "Gate", "Platform", "Door", "Spawn", "Handle", "lever", "button" with other shapes.

What levels will be rejected and require to resubmit again:
-Used lots of shapes as "drawing" without ticking their "delete-physics" property
-Broken and levels that does not make sense or seems like just a throw away
-Level with lots of buttons/levers/gates/platforms/rotators as it has high impact on server performance and can cause lag for others

Thanks for taking your interest in making levels. If you have any issue/suggestions, contact me at feedback.brofist@gmail.com