BROFIST.IO 2 2 is the complete remake of the classic version. In BF2 I decided to push the limits of the game and provide freedom to players as much as possible. Freedom means whatever you wish to make or play should be possible to achieve within the game.

Sorry I didn't get it, what's exactly 2 is?
Imagine a world where you can build whatever you want, a world where you can invite your friends and together build a huge castle, make a parkour course, make a RPG quests, define a very very long coop journey, design a deep dungeon, layout beautiful landscapes to just relax. Limit will be only your imagination. In case if you don’t like building worlds then why not explore worlds built by other talented players. In a nutshell 2 will be the truly social, friendly and open sandbox experience that you ever have.

That looks super cool, what is the public release date?
Well I don't really know the exact date but when the game will have enough content, the structure will be stable, less prone to hacks & bugs then the game will be available to everyone. I hope it will not take too long.

Why We Support the game?
Developing a high quality game is a complex & time consuming especially when the game is a multiplayer nature so definitely it requires my lots of time & efforts being a solo developer. Your support is not mandatory either way I'll release 2 but your support can speed up the development really fast and you'll get immediate access to play the game while it develops, on top of that you'll get early supporters exclusive rewards in the game.
Hello everyone, today is the first dev log and the beta version release as well, So at this point game is very basic in nature, with lots of bugs & hacks but somehow I managed to setup the game and make it available to play before the end of this Month.

Following are the core features for this release
  • rewritten the game in new game engine
  • players have proper arms and legs to make it look good, is it not cool?
  • there are walk, run, jump & fall animations associated with player actions.
  • added inventory at the bottom of the screen, inventory will hold different kinds of items, currently inventory has only one item which is a 'block'
  • spawn blocks in the world by holding your mouse on empty space
  • you can customize block's four basic properties x-axis, y-axis, width & height by holding mouse on it.